The Church, Its Mission, Ministries and People

What Is the Church?
Six Functions of the Church
Church: Some Assembly Required
Responding to the Church With Teamwork
Lay Members’ Role in the Early Church
Upward, Inward and Outward in Words and Deeds
Leadership in the Church
The Pastor’s Calling
A New Generation of Leaders
Books and Magazines Providing Clergy Family Support
Burnout Prevention
Caution Against Churches Endorsing Political Candidates
Cell-Based Church: Community, Nurturing, Outreach
Edification or Building Up Through Cell Groups
Small Groups or Cell Groups?
Church Buildings and Church Growth
Church: What’s on the Menu?
Cocoon or Community?
Connections for Clergy Family Support
From the Cornfields to the City – How a Small Church Reinvented Itself
A Generous Orthodoxy
Getting It Back to Front
Give Me One Good Reason to Go to Church
Giving Honor and Love to Pastors
God Brought My Heart to San Francisco
Good Things in Small Packages
Choose Your Future: What Options Are There for a Small Church?
Hope for the Left Behind Church – Interview With Ruth Tucker
Grandma’s Old Church
Intergenerational Ministry
Intern Program
Leading With Love
Living Today
Managing the Postmodern Church
Ministry Coaching
Ministry Foundations
Ministry Competency
Ministry Strategy
Moving Mountains in Appalachia
NAE Statement of Faith
Our Upward, Inward and Outward Responsibilities
Purposes of the Church
Seeking a Center for the Church
Should You Plant a Church?
Spiritual Gifts and Church Growth
Teamwork in the Church
Ted and Me, and Anthony, Too: The Joy of Mentoring
The Bi-Vocational Pastor
The Church’s Leaky Basement
The Communion of Saints
The Quest for the Ideal Church
Theater of the Imagination
Time for New Trees
Time for New Methods
Turn-Key or Makeover?
We Don’t Trust You
What Is an Evangelical?
What Makes a Church Grow?
Whatever Happened to Church Growth?
When We Fall Short
Why Be Concerned About Mission?
Why Don’t More People Go to Church?
Why You Need the Church
Your Church Needs You
Should Believers Be Baptized?
Baptism Pictures the Gospel
Baptism: Commemorating Christ’s Commitment to Us
A Good Way to Go
Believer’s Baptism
Infant Baptism
Partaking of the Promises
The Three-Fold Meaning of the Lord’s Supper
The Lord’s Supper Reminds Us of God’s Love
In Remembrance of What?
Your Part in the Lord’s Table
The Bread of Heaven
The Name of the Lord’s Supper
How Often Should We Participate in the Lord’s Supper?
Is Eating the Lamb of God Only an Annual Event?
Celebrating the Lord’s Supper at Home
Responding to God With Worship
Worship Looks Back, Looks Forward
All for God’s Honor, Glory and Praise
What Events Are Worth Celebrating?
Saved by His Life
Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth
Why Our Worship Style Is Changing
Color Crazy
Is There Only One Right Way to Worship God?
Conflict at Rome: Romans 14
Celebrate Our Savior
The Meaning of Christmas
The First Church Christmas
Christmas Past and Present in the Church
Christmas Light
The Light of Lights
Standing in the Light
I’m Dreaming of a Quantum Christmas
Truce on Earth, Good Will Toward Men
Using Christmas to Teach Children About Jesus
The Second-Best Christmas Gift
What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?
Discovering Handel’s Messiah
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Oh Come, All Ye Wasteful
Merry Christmas
The Tree
Is Christmas a Sin?
Does God Hate Christmas?
When Was Jesus Born?
Does It Matter When Jesus Was Born?
Paganism — Where Should Christians Draw the Line?
What Does Deuteronomy 12:30-31 Forbid?
Jeremiah 10 and Christmas Trees
Once Pagan, Always Pagan?
Paganism, Pagans and Pagan Customs
A Call for Tolerance on Christmas
Celebrate the Spring Festivals
Palm Sunday
A New Look at Passion Week
Maundy Thursday and “Holy Week”
Why Remember the Crucifixion? A Bible Study
Commemorating the Crucifixion
Good Friday and Easter Sunday
Rejoice! Christ Has Risen! a Bible Study
Easter in the Church
Easter Sunday
Three Rs for Easter
Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Is It a Sin to Observe Easter?
What Does Jesus Have to Do With Easter?
The Passover-Easter-Quartodeciman Controversy
A Call for Tolerance on Easter
Celebrating Jesus’ Ascension
The Ascension and the Return of Christ
Jesus’ Benediction
Pentecost: Power for the Gospel
Pentecost — For the Church Today
Crossing Borders 2011 – Muchas Gracias
Crossing Borders Summer Trip 2015
Watching God Work in the Philippines
Is a Short-Term Mission Worth It?
Mission Bound
So How Did it Go?
Vacation or Mission?
Mozambique Adventure
Waters of Life
Worth a Million Words
School in Thailand Expands
Evangelizing Postmodern Youths
Modification, Formation, and Reformation in Youth Ministry
What Is Youth Ministry?
How to Make Your Congregation Youth-Friendly
Youth Ministry — The Importance of Prayer
Youth Ministry: The Emphasis Must Be Spiritual
Youth Ministry Values and Mission
Back to the Future of Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry: Playing as a Team
Teen Ministry: Rethinking Our Paradigm
Youth Ministry and the Great Commission
Equipping Our Youths for Peer Evangelism
Disciplemaking Youth Ministry Includes Equipping Workers
Youth Ministry Includes Developing Young Leaders
Confessions of a Youth Evangelist
Nurturing Young Believers
Building Young Believers Through Community
Building Young Believers Through Adoration
Building Young Believers Through Nurture
Building Young Believers Through Serving
Disciplemaking Ministry: Introduction
Disciplemaking Ministry: Creating an Atmosphere of Love
Disciplemaking Ministry: The Adoration of Christ
Disciplemaking Ministry: Prayerful Dependence
Disciplemaking Ministry: Communication of the Word
Disciplemaking Ministry: Creating a Biblical Group Image in Your Youth Ministry
Disciplemaking Ministry: Having a "Commitment to Contact" in Your Youth Ministry
Disciplemaking Ministry: Conclusion
How Camps Support Healthy Youth Ministries
A Week to Change Your Life
Emphasis on Ministry to Children
Equipping Children for Ministry
Involve Children in Your Life
Nurturing Believing Children
Seeking Lost Children
Send Us Some Children – A Story of Transformation
Principles of Effective Children’s Ministry: BRING the Children
Bless Children With Jesus’ Love
Relate to Children at Their Level
Nurture Children in the Way of Jesus
Give Ministry Opportunities to Children
Loving God: Foundation for Youth Ministry
The Need for "Depth Perception" in Church History
Pentecost: The Birth of the Church
Irenaeus and the Second Century Church
Persecution, Penance and "the Lapsed"
The Road to Nicea, and Beyond
Jesus Christ of ‘One Substance with the Father’
The Nicene Creed
Athanasius Lists the New Testament Writings
Augustine "Father" of the Western Church
The Council of Chalcedon and the "Two Natures" Controversy
The Apostles’ Creed
Three Historic Christian Creeds
How Russia Became Christian
The Great Schism of the Church
When Astronomy Became a Theological Football
Fasting and Repentance After the Salem Witch Trials
The Great Awakening
Mary Jones and the First Major Worldwide Bible Society
The African-American Church
Black History Month: An Interview With Curtis May
William Wilberforce: Christian Abolitionist, Reformer, Statesman
The Great Disappointment
William Seymour and the Rise of Pentecostalism
The Protestant Church in Hitler’s Germany and the Barmen Declaration
Karl Barth: "Prophet" to the Church
One ‘Mere Christian’ in Church History Clive Staples Lewis
Vatican II and the Future of Church Unity
The Life and Times of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Billy Graham: Evangelist to the World

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