Worship: The Tree

The evergreen tree symbolizes the faithfulness of God, remaining forever the same, even during the darkness and cold of winter.

The lights or candles on the tree symbolize our Savior Jesus Christ, whose life was the Light of all people, the Light that shines in the darkness and which enlightens everyone.

Some people put red bows on the tree, symbolizing the shed blood of our Savior, by which our sins are forgiven.

Ornaments symbolize fruit, which in turn symbolizes the gracious gifts and provision of God for his people.

Just as the Cross of Christ was a tree stripped of its greenery and dignity and made into a dead post, so our sin has stripped us of beauty and dignity and resulted in death.

Through the death of the Son of God on the dead tree, and by his resurrection and life, salvation and true life have come to the whole creation, especially to us, whose dignity and value and beauty has been restored through faith in him.

The splendor of the Christmas tree, decorated with light and color and beauty, symbolizes our restored and reconciled state by the grace of God.

Our Father in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ love us, and have made us beautiful by the good things they have done for us.

The gifts under the tree symbolize the dignity and value God has given to human beings through Jesus’ saving work.

We give gifts to one another on this day for one reason only: God sent his Son into the world to save us and make us his children, and has placed his love into us that we might love one another, even as he loves us.

That’s what Christmas is about — the love of God. And that’s the story the Christmas tree tells us during this Christmas season.

Author: J. Michael Feazell

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