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You may find these questions to be challenging as well as fun. Some of the answers you may know immediately. Some you may guess. And some will really surprise you!


1) What is the tune accompanying four psalms? Superscriptions to Psalms 57, 58, 59 and 75

2) How many times a day did David pray? Psalm 55:17

3) Who struck down 12,000 Edomites? Superscription to Psalm 60

4) To whom is Psalm 90 ascribed? Superscription to Psalm 90

5) Who intervened, thus stopping a plague at Peor? Psalm 106:28-30

6) How many verses are in the shortest chapter in the Bible? Psalm 117

7) How many verses are in the longest chapter in the Bible? Psalm 119

8) To whom is Psalm 127 ascribed? Psalm 127

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9) How often does Psalm 136 say, “His love endures forever”? Psalm 136

10) What is the last sentence in the book of Psalms? Psalm 150:6


1) Who copied some of Solomon’s proverbs? Proverbs 25:1

2) Who was Agur’s father? Proverbs 30:1

3) What four things never say, “Enough!”? Proverbs 30:15-16

4) What four small, but wise, creatures does Agur mention? Proverbs 30:24-28

5) What four things move with stately bearing? Proverbs 30:29-31

6) What advice does Solomon give about eating honey? Proverbs 25:16


1) In which city was the Teacher king? Ecclesiastes 1:12

2) What asset did the Teacher have more than any before him? Ecclesiastes 1:16

3) How many times is “time” mentioned in Ecclesiastes 3:2-8?

4) What does the Teacher contrast to a poor but wise youth? Ecclesiastes 4:13

5) What is the advantage of wisdom over money? Ecclesiastes 7:12

6) What wearies the body? Ecclesiastes 12:12

Song of Songs

1) Whose tent curtains are dark? Song of Songs 1:5

2) Whose chariots are mentioned in the Song of Songs? Song of Songs 1:9

3) From which trees were the beams and rafters of the lovers’ house made? Song of Songs 1:17

4) Where did the flock of goats descend from? Song of Songs 4:1; 6:5

5) What did the woman’s hands drip with? Song of Songs 5:5

6) What dance is mentioned in the book? Song of Songs 6:13

7) Where was the woman conceived and born? Song of Songs 8:5

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