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This section asks you to recall some basic facts from the books of Job through Song of Songs. After selecting one of the four choices, you may turn to the accompanying scripture to verify your answer.


1) What is the theme of Psalm 8? Psalm 8:19

a. The Lord is my shepherd
b. God’s majesty in all the earth
c. Why the wicked prosper
d. God’s love always endures

2) What is the theme of Psalm 18? Psalm 18:2

a. Why have you forsaken me?
b. Peace and unity
c. God is my deliverer
d. Hallelujah

3) What did David do in front of Abimelech? Superscription to Psalm 34

a. Fake insanity
b. Tear his robes
c. Bow seven times
d. Kill his son

4) Who were defeated at the river Kishon? Psalm 83:9

a. Oreb and Zeeb
b. Sisera and Jabin
c. Zebah and Zalmunna
d. Moab and Ammon

5) Who renewed the face of the earth? Psalm 104:30

a. God
b. His angels
c. His prophets
d. His priests

6) What is the theme of Psalm 150? Psalm 150:1-6

a. The Lord is my shepherd
b. Save me, O God
c. Praise the Lord
d. Your will be done

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1) Where does wisdom speak? Proverbs 1:20-21

a. In the public squares
b. In the noisy streets
c. In the gateways of the city
d. All of the above

2) How is a man tested? Proverbs 27:21

a. By abject poverty
b. By the praise he receives
c. By wisdom
d. By his friends

3) What did Agur desire? Proverbs 30:8

a. Poverty
b. Riches
c. Daily bread
d. Power

4) Who taught King Lemuel? Proverbs 31:1

a. His father
b. His mother
c. Solomon
d. Elijah


1) What adjective does Solomon use to describe everything? Ecclesiastes 1:212:8

a. Meaningless
b. Wonderful
c. God-given
d. Funny

2) What does Solomon say is better than fine perfume? Ecclesiastes 7:1

a. One’s day of birth
b. Great wealth
c. A good name
d. Solitude

3) “The words of the wise are like…” Ecclesiastes 12:11

a. goads  b. gold  c. raindrops  d. rubies

Song of Songs

1) How many warriors escorted Solomon’s carriage? Song of Songs 3:7

a. 12  b. 20  c. 60  d. 1,000

2) Who beat up the Shulammite woman? Song of Songs 5:7

a. Solomon
b. The shepherds
c. The watchmen
d. Nobody

3) Where are the pools of Heshbon? Song of Songs 7:4

a. On Mt. Zion
b. In Bethlehem
c. By the vineyard at Baal Shalishah
d. By the gate of Bath Rabbim

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