Vacation or Mission?

Do short-term mission trips do anyone any good? Do short-term mission trips do anyone any good? Each year, American Christians spend more than a billion dollars on short-term mission trips. Some go to impoverished areas of North America. Some go to more exotic places — irreligious nations, Christian...


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    OK, so you’ve been there, done that and got a drawer full of camp T-shirts. Then perhaps you are ready to expand your Christian growth in a new and...
    In December 2011, Crossing Borders mission team had an eventful trip to Mexico to deliver shoebox gifts to our partner churches. This turned out to be...
    I expected our trip to Mozambique to be challenging. What I didn’t expect was that my assistant would be arrested before we had hardly started! ...
    Sometimes we forget what a blessing it is to be able to turn on a faucet and have fresh, clean, cool water gush out. Many are not so fortunate....

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