Grace Communion International Australia has congregations in most major cities and some Bible Studies across the country. They are warm, vibrant, welcoming and friendly places where people know each other well and encourage one another in their Christian walk. Our congregations are Christ-centered, and our mission to live and share the Gospel is implemented in a multitude of ways in various congregations. GCI churches have a generous heart for those who are hurting and suffering in both near and far away places. Our vision is for congregations to be growing more like Jesus Christ, prayerfully, joyfully and thankfully, whilst being woven into the life of the community. We aim to provide a place of inclusion, where all can be enfolded in the love of God, the grace of Jesus and the fellowship of the Spirit.

Our desire is to share the good news of the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Our fellowship has been on a journey of discovery and transformation, from the shackles of legalism to the freedom of God’s lavish grace. We have embraced a thoroughly Christ-centred, Trinitarian theology. Some have called it a modern miracle. We hope you will find our site a helpful source of encouragement, comfort and hope.

Christianity is about living – about enjoying life in all its fullness, and celebrating the spiritual blessings we have in our gracious God. It’s not stultifying, burdensome, judgmental and reductionist. It’s enlarging, encouraging and affirming. It’s enjoying coming home to the unconditional love of the Father. And it’s for everyone.

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PO Box 402
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

p 61 7 5553 6000
f 61 7 5562 2872

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