Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Born to Die
Three Aspects, One Great Event
The Cross as a Symbol
It Isn’t Just About How He Died
Crown of Thorns
Chronology of the Day Christ Died
Did You Kill Jesus Christ?
Christ Our Atonement
A Death in Jerusalem
Where Was Golgotha?
Why the Messiah Had to Die
Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Did the Jews Kill Jesus?
Was Jesus Plan "B?"
Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross?
Our Strange Dead God
Jesus Was Not Alone
Two Truths We Learn From Jesus’ Death
Radical Love
Appreciating Christ’s Sacrifice
The Thief’s Story
Was Jesus Crucified on a Wednesday?
How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?
Three Days and Three Nights in the Tomb?
Jesus – Alive Forevermore!
He’s Alive!
Evidence of the Resurrection
The Power of the Resurrection
The Empty Tomb—What’s in It for You?
Jesus Christ’s Last Sermon
He Lives!
The Empty Tomb: Reasons to Believe
Christ’s Resurrection: Our Hope of Salvation
A Closer Look at the Crucifixion

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