Articles About the Gospel and Evangelism

There Is Much Work to Do
Here’s Good News for Everyone!
The Gospel: It’s Not Fair!
Heart Trouble
What Is Salvation?
Your Invitation to the Kingdom of God
A Call to Live the Future Here and Now
Why Were You Born?
Our Relationship With God
Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?
Good News in an Alabaster Jar (Matthew 26)
Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Christian?
A Simple Matter of Trust
Believing the Gospel
Believing Thomas
Death Ain’t What It Used to Be
Discovering Adoption
Do All Religions Lead to God?
Do You Believe?
Does It All Depend?
Finding Righteousness
Free to Be
Freed From Slavery
Getting a Grip on Repentance
God Offers You Hope
God’s Video
Going on a Guilt Trip?
Goodwill to All Men?
Hope for the Hopeless
How I Found My Way to Follow Jesus
How to Become a Christian
I Want to Accept Jesus, But…
In Christ We Trust
Looking for Love…
Lost in New Orleans
The Worst Day of Your Life Could Be the Best
New in Christ
New Life in Christ, by Michael Morrison
New Life in Christ, by Paul Kroll
On Being a Child of God
Our Adoption As God’s Children
Our Resurrection With Christ
Peter’s Story: Coming to Christ
Responding to God With Faith
Standing in Christ Alone
Take the Leap
The Best Story of All: The Gospel
The Boy In the Airport
The Divine Drama
The Gospel According to Sam
The Gospel and Superman
The Joy of Salvation
This Is Living Faith
By Faith, Not By Sight
Is Anything Too Hard For God?
Time of Refreshing
Truth in Advertising
What Are Human Beings?
What Is Christianity?
Coming to Know God
What Is Salvation?
What Is Sin?
Why Be Christian?
Good News for Ordinary People
What Did the Apostles Preach?
Paul Preaches the Good News
The Message of Jesus: A Bible Study
Preaching in the Early Church: A Bible Study
What Jesus Said About Himself: A Bible Study
The Gospel According to Paul: A Bible Study
The Good News of Salvation: A Bible Study
Relationship With Christ: A Bible Study
The Gospel Really Is Good News
Do We Teach Universalism?
Justification and Righteousness by Faith
Losing Our Gospel "Buts"
Grace: A License to Sin?
Grace From First to Last
Do Grace and Law Conflict?
God’s Grace
Grace and Truth
Grace to the Gluttons
Grace: An E-Ticket Ride
Interview With Robert F. Capon
Is Grace Too Good to Be True?
Articles About Evangelism
Living the Gospel
Sharing the Gospel
Marketing the Gospel
Sharing Your Faith – a Series
Sharing Your Faith
Sharing Your Faith… With the Unchurched
Sharing Your Faith… Through Friendship
Sharing Your Faith… With a New Ager
Sharing Your Faith in a Post-Christian World
Sharing Your Faith… With Another Christian
Sharing Your Faith… With a Muslim
Manual of Early Evangelism – Introduction
Jesus Encounters a Despised Sinner
Jesus Encounters a Foreign Woman
Jesus Encounters a Rich Man
Jesus Encounters a Sinful Woman
Jesus Encounters a Religious Leader
Jesus Encounters a Samaritan Woman
Jesus Encounters a Disabled Man
The Disciples Encounter Mass Evangelism
The Disciples Encounter Street Ministries
The Disciples Encounter Spirit-Led Evangelism
The Disciples Encounter Prison Ministries
The Disciples Encounter Worldview Evangelism
The Disciples Encounter a Messianic Ministry
Courage in the Commission
East From West
Ev-Angela’s Sermon
Fostering an Evangelistic Culture
Gossiping the Gospel
The Power of Intent
Ordinary People Who Changed the World
Invisible Missionaries in China
Show up — Declare — or Win?
Participating with Jesus in His Gospel Work
If Necessary, Use Words
Not Putting Your Gift in Storage
Reaching out with the Gospel
Share God’s Love (Jesus and Zacchaeus)
Sharing a Secret
The Jonah Syndrome
Why Should We Tell People About Jesus?
Working Together for the Gospel

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