Trials: Stages of Grief

Not everyone goes through these “stages” in the same order. Sometimes one is skipped, or is repeated.

  • Shock and numbnessa man sitting under a tree

Events seem to lose their importance after the death of a loved one. This lack of feeling is nature’s way of helping you to do things necessary to carry on.

  • Emotional turmoil

Extremes of emotion are common throughout bereavement. Now is when friends’ emotional support, sympathetic ears and reassuring words may be most needed.

  • Emptiness

Although you have to face the loneliness that follows death, people are a major help in your need. This is where maintaining ties with family and friends is important.

  • Acceptance

In time, renewed zest for life will follow bereavement and grief. Life will regain its spark, and you will be on an even keel again.

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