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Timothy Maguire is the director of our South African region, which is an exciting mission field. Watch Tim’s video to learn more about what is happening in his region. The people of South Africa share in an openness to the gospel that is very inspiring. The mission of Jesus Christ is moving forward, and the light of the gospel is shining strongly on the African continent!

As you can probably appreciate, our Missions Directors take seriously the unique characteristics of the cultural and historical context in which they have to minister within the realities of their regions. We hope that this information has broadened your overview of the international work. There is still so much to do. We appreciate your regular and fervent prayers that God will inspire and uplift our MDs as they respond to the Holy Spirit, that God will bless and protect the many fellow laborers scattered throughout the world, and send even more laborers into his harvest.

To find out contact information for pastors in various nations, please refer to  our websites, or write to one of the offices listed below:

Box 888, Port Louis

South Africa:
Johannesburg, South Africa
Telephone: 27 (0)11 886 3131
FAX: 27 (0)11 886 3216
Or see their website: South Africa
Face to Face magazine

Our mission outside the United States is funded in three ways. The first is through the donations of members in the various countries in which we work. The majority of mission work being done is being funded through this means. The second category is money that comes out of the denominational apportionment of the contributions received in U.S. local churches, and the third source is from individual or congregational donations that are in addition to the funds made available from the denominational apportionment. Missions Directors and some additional mission expenses incurred at the denominational offices are funded from this denominational apportionment.

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