You're Included (Speaking of Life)

The good news of God’s abiding love is being shared not just though our media efforts, but especially through the many viewers of these programs.

Program Transcript

Communion International launched the video series you are viewing right now, Speaking of Life, on September 8, 2006.

then, more than two thousand people a week watch or listen to the latest
episode of the program. Some watch or listen online and others download the
program to their own computer or digital player for later use. Some download it
and create DVD’s to share the program with others who might not have Internet

Speaking of Life programs are accessed more
than 20,000 times a month and many pastors play the program in church each

Another of our video programs,
You’re included,
is devoted to exploring
Trinitarian theology – the biblically rooted self-revelation of our loving and
merciful God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You’re Included is aptly named, as it explores the healing and
transforming love of God revealed in the Bible for all humanity, which includes
you and me.

Since March 2007, Dr. J. Michael Feazell has conducted over
100 half-hour interviews with leading theologians for You’re Included. Each week, more than a thousand people watch,
listen or read the transcript for one of these interviews. Some of them are
burned to a DVD and played in churches or in small group settings. Even some
seminary professors direct their students to our website so they can watch the

on the program have included the late Ray S. Anderson, senior professor of
theology and ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, and author of more than a
dozen books on ministry and theology. Among many others, the program has also
featured such notable theologians and Christian leaders as Alan Torrance, Douglas Campbell, Elmer Colyer, Gary Deddo, Gordon Fee, Trevor Hart, Baxter Kruger, and
Paul Young, author of the best-selling novel The Shack.

August 2008, we launched WCG Together,
a video series featuring interviews with GCI leaders. We have also created a
video sermon series called A Word
from Our Sponsor,
which is designed
for small churches to use in their service when a preacher is not available.

surprising thing about these high quality video programs is that all the work –
set design, lighting, sound, shooting, and editing, as well as contacting and
arranging all logistics for interview guests – is done by our highly talented
and dedicated staff of one – Nathan Smith – and three carefully chosen on-call
helpers. Nathan literally does the work of many highly skilled people, and I do
hope you will keep him in your prayers as he works hard to stay on top of such
a demanding schedule.

it all, and most importantly, the good news of God’s abiding love made manifest
in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit is being shared with others – and not just
though our media efforts, videos and publications, of course – but especially
through the devoted work being done by all of you, the many viewers of these various
gospel tools on our website.

all of you, I want to say thank you for all you do in Jesus!
And I want you to know that your prayerful
support – and your generous contributions – are deeply appreciated, and so vital
to this gospel work that we all share.

Joseph Tkach, speaking of LIFE.