Waiting for God?

Just because you feel as if you're stopped at a spiritual red light it doesn't mean God isn't working.

Program Transcript

C.S. Lewis is
one of my favorite religious authors. His wit and intelligent defense of
Christianity have always encouraged me in my faith. But when I read through Mere Christianity last week, I was
challenged by this quote: “I am sure
that God keeps no one waiting unless he sees that it is good for him to wait” (Lewis,
Mere Christianity).
Now when I
read that I had to stop and think, “What does he mean?” Let me take a stab at unpacking

So often, I
try to set the pace in my own life. I like to think I’m in control of where I’m
going – I have my master plan already drawn up. But when I do that, as the old
adage goes, God laughs. Why? Because he has a plan for me that is so much
better than what I could have ever imagined.

Living within
our limited perspective, it can sometimes feel like we’re not moving fast
enough. Like we’re wasting our time. But I think we need to see these moments
not as a spiritual “red light” – but as an invitation to a deeper connection and
knowledge of God. These times aren’t meant to be camping trips where we sit
around hoping that something will change. These times are perfect opportunities
to practice the spiritual discipline of prayer.

When we pray
like Jesus taught his disciples, we say to God “Thy will be done” – not my will, but thy will. And I think it’s this process of supplication that God
uses to refine and shape us into what he wants us to be. And when we’re ready,
according to his wise and compassionate timing – then this period of waiting
will be over – and we’ll be ready to actively and outwardly join in participating
with the will of God.

So the next
time you feel like you’re stopped at a spiritual “red light”, remember the
words of CS Lewis – and be comforted, knowing that you’re not stuck; God is
working with you and in you to accomplish his great purposes!

I’m Joseph
Tkach, Speaking of LIFE.