Presidency Baton Passing - Joseph Tkach's Legacy Segment

On October 14, 2018 in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Joseph Tkach “passed the baton” of the GCI presidency to Dr. Greg Williams.

The baton passing ceremony took us through a quick journey of the changes we’ve experienced in our denomination under President Tkach’s leadership. Russell Duke began with a synopsis of Dr. Tkach’s tenure as GCI President. Michael Morrison then gave a brief history of how Grace Communion Seminary began. Celestine Olive followed with a talk about how our doctrines changed regarding women in ministry. Ted Johnston then reviewed the process by which we changed our name to Grace Communion International and the significance of the new name. Gary Deddo then addressed GCI’s journey of embracing incarnational Trinitarian theology. President Tkach then talked about the significance and process of passing the baton of GCI’s presidency to Greg Williams.

You can watch the segment “Presidency Baton Hand Off” of the ceremony by clicking here.