Joseph Tkach Tribute Series - Part 5

Dr. Joseph Tkach Tribute Series – Episode 5 of 5 To celebrate Dr. Tkach’s 11 years of producing Speaking of Life you will see some of the favorite episodes in a 5 part series. This episode we wrap up the tribute series where Dr. Tkach shares how a “selfie” can be a reflection of how the Father sees us in Jesus.

Program Transcript

This week finalizes our tribute series to Dr. Joseph Tkach. Dr. Tkach has led faithfully and fearlessly for a quarter of a century. I think it is appropriate to end with the episode entitled “Take a Good Look.” Dr. Tkach’s life has been a great reflection of the love and life of Jesus. He refers to himself as a “Regular Joe,” and he has lived an open and graceful life that bears out this humility.

From all of us at Grace Communion International along with all of the viewers we say “Thank You Joe for your life of service and sacrifice.” You’re not only a regular Joe, you are “A Good Joe!”

I am Greg Williams and please enjoy today’s episode.

When Smokey Robinson and the Miracles recorded their smash
hit, The Tracks of My Tears, I’m sure none of them had ever heard the
word “Selfie.” And to be honest, until last year, I hadn’t either. But all that
changed when the Oxford English
 chose the term as 2013’s “Word of the Year.” For those of you
who still don’t know what it is, maybe this will help.

A “Selfie” is defined as: “A photograph that one has taken
of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a
social media website.”

Even though I don’t Tweet, the concept got me thinking: “Could
you do a spiritual “Selfie – a snapshot of our souls?” What would it reveal? I
think this verse in Proverbs hints at what we might find:

“As water reflects
the face, so one’s life reflects the heart” (Proverbs 27:19).

In other words, our soul, our spirit, who we really are
inside, is reflected in the external life we lead. What we do and what we say
does matter. And for some of us, that can be a scary thought. But it doesn’t
have to be.

With our adoption through Christ, we don’t have to stand
before God alone. Now, when he looks at us, God smiles because he doesn’t see
what we used to be – he sees what we can be in Christ. With Jesus, we all have
a chance to start again.

So the next time you take a “Selfie,” “take a good look at
your face” and know it’s one God loves.

I am Joseph Tkach. Speaking of LIFE


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