Dr. Geordie Ziegler - Trinitarian Approach to Spiritual Formation

On this episode of You’re Included, Dr. Geordie Ziegler. pastor and author of Trinitarian Grace and Participation, discusses an approach to spiritual formation that does not start with ourselves, but places at the center God the Father’s relationship with the Eternal Son.

About Dr. Geordie Ziegler –
Currently is Pastor of Adult Discipleship and Formation at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, WA. He served a church in California for 9 years before moving to Scotland to pursue his doctoral degree.
Received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 2014 under the direction of Prof. John Webster. His thesis was published as the book: Trinitarian Grace and Participation – an entry into the theology of T.F. Torrance (2017).
He has written an important article for the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, “Is it Time for a Reformation of Spiritual Formation?” (2018)

Grace Communion Seminary: www.gcs.edu