Don't Be Spooked

Christian faith spread in the first century not by winning technical debates, but because Christians lived in the love of Jesus Christ.

Program Transcript

It seems to be great sport in some circles today to question,
undermine and ridicule Christian faith.

The whole idea of God is a delusion, argues the noted atheist,
Professor Richard Dawkins. Others say that religion has had a negative impact
on human society and should therefore be banned. Some believe that those who teach
religious concepts to children be considered guilty of child abuse. And recently
published books ask us to believe that certain extra-biblical “gospels” may
give us deeper insights into understanding Jesus than the New Testament.

Meanwhile, amazing new scientific discoveries about the
nature of physical reality are being commandeered by skeptics to challenge the
relevance of the Bible. Some of their arguments are sophisticated and
technical, far above the education and expertise levels of most believers.

We ordinary Christians seem to be outnumbered and outgunned.
But before we allow ourselves to be spooked by new discoveries and technical
information we aren’t equipped to deal with, let’s keep in mind that all truth
is God’s truth. Science can only discover what God put there to begin with.

In other words, the arguments of the skeptics are not as
overwhelming as they sometimes seem. And even though most of us do not have the
training and background to enter the fray, God has called many capable men
and women who are more than able to defend the Christian turf in the scientific

They have education and experience, and they are not
intimidated by atheistic arguments of fellow scientists who can’t see God
behind the new frontiers of discovery. When given the opportunity, they can
more than hold their own, and show that the atheist viewpoint does not have the
final word.

Many believing scientists assure us that the ever-increasing
understanding of life’s mysteries has deepened, rather than shattered, their
faith. Truth has nothing to fear from more truth, and you can be sure that Jesus
Christ is not afraid of anything science has or ever will discover about the
universe he created. Neither should we.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that the Christian faith
spread through the Roman Empire in the first century not by winning technical
debates, but because Christians lived in the love of Jesus Christ. In times of
plague and famine, it was the Christians who cared for the sick and destitute.
In an age when slaves and women were without power, it was the Christian way of
life that gave them a voice and self-respect.

So don’t let the anti-religious, anti-Christian propaganda
destabilize you. This is not a time to cower and bury our Christian heads in
the sand. Most of us are not trained to challenge complex scientific arguments
or indulge in sophisticated debate. But all of us are more than able to make a
significant contribution in a way that really does count – by being the salt of
the earth and the light of the world.

I’m Joseph Tkach, speaking of LIFE.