Always With Us

In 1957, the largest doll manufacturing company in the United States decided to produce a revolutionary and somewhat controversial product for its time, the Jesus doll.

Program Transcript

you ever seen one of these?

an original Jesus Doll. This one was made about sixty years ago. And it’s
probably a collector’s item now. It was made at a time when the idea of
‘personality dolls’ was becoming popular. Barbie also first appeared around
this time.

Barbie is still going strong. But the Jesus Doll was a flop.
The company thought they had done their homework, even consulting with
religious leaders, including the Pope. But this was a more conservative era,
and it seems that parents were horrified at the idea of their children playing
with a doll that looked like Jesus.

But the company was just ahead of its time. Now there are
many Jesus dolls available. Here is a modern version, one with a button on the
back. If I push it, we’ll hear a gospel message.

In these more liberal times, people don’t seem to be
offended by the idea of a doll that looks like Jesus. And of course, children
get very attached to their toys, don’t they? Especially dolls and stuffed
animals. So perhaps there is some value in the idea – a “Jesus” you can take
anywhere – a 24/7 companion. Because isn’t that is who Jesus is?

But he is so much more than that. He is a powerful creator,
the Son of God, who sustains the universe. We all, every one of us, depend on
him for every breath we take.

This then, is the person who promised that he would be with
us always, and would never leave us or forsake us. Not just in this life. He
said it was his will that we enjoy his company forever – and that he would
transform us to such a degree that he would fully enjoy being in the presence
of his holy love forever.

is not just a sentimental idea thought up as a marketing ploy. It is a reality
that the world needs to hear and understand. Far from being a cute toy that
belongs to us, we belong to him. He came to forgive, save, redeem, reconcile,
and restore us to a fullness of life in him. He loves us with a perfect holy
love, and will never let go of us.

Joseph Tkach, speaking of LIFE.