Meet James Henderson Superintendent of Europe

How are you using your gifts and living out your calling in this season of ministry? 

“What with Covid-19 and political turmoil throughout the world, everything has seemed so serious in the last year or so. And it is serious, and we should be concerned and earnestly desire the return of Christ. At the same time, it’s been great to laugh with the brethren whenever possible, virtually or physically. There are times to laugh and times not to laugh…don’t forget to find the times to laugh! It helps us survive”.

What fills you with hope?

“Jesus is the focus of my hope. My family helps because they share that hope. In daily prayer I talk to Jesus about anything, not just what I want. When I walk in the woods or wherever I converse with him and sing songs with and to him, thus keeping this hope alive”.

Regional Accomplishments in the last three years: 

An encouraging yet unintended consequence of our You-Tube, Zoom and other services has been that some who left our church in the past have joined us virtually. Also, some new people have begun to listen to us. The question remains: how many of our groups and congregations will re-open after Covid? We just don’t know. Therefore, above all, this is the time to preach Christ — let’s preach his gospel of peace and hope personally, congregationally, nationally and internationally.