The ACCM Diploma in Christian Ministry is both a unifying and clarifying ministry qualification for our GCI ministry leaders around the world. To help equip you for more effective ministry, ACCM is offering two intensive courses on July 19th and 20th, just before the Denominational Conference in Charlotte. Here are the details:

  • Class options – Doctrines and The Bible
  • Cost – $150 for credit and $100 for audit. Credit students must complete the assessments to receive recognition for the class.
  • An additional $50 onsite cost also applies.
  • Registration is now open, and requires an onsite registration and registration with ACCM.
  • For additional information, please email   




The Mark Experience

Gary and Cathy Deddo will facilitate a study of the Gospel of Mark before the Denominational Celebration. In this seminar, we’ll spend our time studying together seven passages from the Gospel of Mark. We’ll get to know Jesus more deeply and personally so that our faith, hope, and love for him will be nourished. We’ll learn how to more carefully hear the Lord speak to us in his Word and grow in our relationship with him. We’ll also take some time to pray together and have fellowship around a couple of meals.

Seminar information:

  • Cost – $85 per student
  • Registration includes class materials, breakout snacks, and lunch (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Classes will be held July 18 – 20, at the GCI Home Office – 3120 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC
  • Registration opens December 2020
  • For additional information, please email


Grace Communion Seminary is are committed to equipping the saints for pastoral ministry through quality graduate-level distance education programs in biblical, theological, ministerial and pastoral studies informed by Incarnational Trinitarian faith. If you are working toward a degree or are seeking to develop in you ministry, we are offering Trintaring Youth Ministry and Homiletics classes leading up to the Denominational Celebration in Charlotte, NC. Registration for the two classes below will open on April 26, 2021.

CM506 – Trinitarian Youth Ministry

This course examines the relationship of theology and youth ministry practice as it has developed in North America. The course explores the centrality of Jesus in all ministry in the relationship that Jesus already has with young people. That relationship is explored in its post-Christian, post-modern cultural context, with an emphasis on the importance of mentoring as a relational/incarnational tool in youth ministry. 

CM511 – Homiletics

This course surveys various methods of analyzing the biblical text in order to develop an expository sermon to be given to a congregation. This course also surveys various approaches to the sermon and analyzes which approaches work best in various contexts. This course involves instructor evaluation of video sermons prepared and submitted by the student to the instructor, and the critique by an ecclesiastical supervisor and by the instructor of a sermon (submitted on video) given by the student to a congregation/audience.

Class information:

  • Cost – $660 per class 
  • Classes will be held July 19 – 20, at the GCI Home Office – 3120 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC
  • For additional information, please email