GCI Healthy Church Challenge

Grace Communion International Denominational Celebration 2023
Remember Our First Love

 Remembering that:

Jesus is our first love,

            I love Jesus because…

           In my church one of the ways we show Jesus we love him is….

His first love is The Church

            I know Jesus loves me because…

            I experience Jesus’ love in my church community when…

The love he first gave us we share with one another.

            One way I share the love Jesus has given me is…

            I see people share Jesus’ love with each other when…

GCI members age 8-17…

Submit a video response to one of the prompts and help us Remember Our First Love during the Denominational Celebration. The video can be of you telling a story, showing a drawing of your answer, reciting a poem you wrote, a photo you took, etc. Make sure to respond to one of the prompts in your submission!

At the end of your video look at the camera and say “We Remember Our First Love”

Submission Instructions

  • Deadline = May 1, 2023
  • Entries must be submitted by midnight on May 1, 2023
  • Entries must include a signed media release and member profile
  • Entries must respond to one of the Healthy Church Challenge prompts
  • Videos must be landscape and less than 90 seconds
  • Please save your file in the following format: HCC.churchname.lastnamefirstname.age (example: HCC.GCCharlotte.GarrityCara.14)
  • Email all entries to challenge@gci.org with 2023 HCC in the subject line

Media submitted for entry into the Healthy Church Challenge become the property of GCI upon receipt of signed Media and Publicity Release & Permission to Reprint document (the “Release”) providing evidence that the creator claimed ownership of the photographs submitted for entry and granted the right to GCI to use the media as provided in the Release.

Healthy Church Challenge Voting Process

The Healthy Church Challenge team will review all entries and select a variety of videos to present to attendees of the 2023 Denominational Celebration for voting. 

The entries that receive the most votes during the voting period at the 2023 Denominational Celebration will receive a prize to be used for a local healthy church activity!